Call of Duty New York and Andbox to host Modern Warfare tournament

while the launch of modern warfare is already hype enough, the new york call of duty team just made it even more exciting. sponsored by andbox, the nyc team is throwing a $10,000 modern warfare tournament. slated to run from nov 1-3, this tournament is free to play and will presumably focus on search and destroy.

though this tournament is free to enter, there’s no word on if there is a maximum team count. if you want to secure your spot in this tournament, click this link and sign up!

new york starting modern warfare off right

after nyc announced their starting roster for the 2020 cdl, they quickly got to work on capitalizing the hype surrounding them. this $10,000 tournament is the first large prize pool we’ve seen in modern warfare. though there will be some happening sooner than this one, this is possibly the biggest online tournament for modern warfare before 2020.

kicking off the launch of new york’s #callofduty team with a $10,000 #modernwarfare tournament.

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— new york subliners (@subliners) october 3, 2019

assuming this tournament runs similarly to others, this will likely be a single-elimination bracket. teams of five will face off in search and destroy with either the best of 1 or 3 formats. mapsets will be decided beforehand, and hosting will go to the higher-ranked seed. however, some teams might find it difficult, as professional teams will be allowed entry.

we still don’t have any competitive ruleset for modern warfare, so we don’t know any restrictions for this tournament. most likely, the competitive ruleset will release a week or so before the game comes out. last year, black ops 4 held a stream where they revealed the competitive rules and format a week before launch.

make sure to sign-up as soon as possible to secure your spot in the nyc open tournament

once the competitive ruleset releases, the format for the tournament will become clear. for now though, like with the release of modern warfare, we’ll have to wait a little longer.

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