Using embroidery gives your organization a professional look on fabric better than any other method.


Embroidery is not something your grandmother does by the light of a kerosene lamp any more. On the contrary, embroidery has become a hot industry and today.
That’s the reason we decided to start this website. Our goal is to create a safe gathering place, a virtual home dedicated to the world of embroidery.

Ajit production

Ajit production will help you with your design. We help numerous companies work through the process. We can offer assistance with adding items along with your logo to increase awareness for your organization.


To do the best job possible for you, we use some of the most sophisticated embroidery equipment available today from brands such as Tajima™. We perform all digitizing in-house to ensure the quality of the work and to make the cost as affordable as possible for you.

Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience in embroidery allows us to create one-of-a-kind, innovative, and original design for fabrics. By operating extensive range of machinery we have the capability to produce various designs from simplest to complex design. In addition to, our cutting edge machinery and computerized software make it possible for us to produce precise style that matches our customer expectations in terms of large volume, and quality. Furthermore, our creative team works with artist, and designer to transform initial concepts into great and perfect piece of custom embroidery.

To create flawless embroidery, we use:

  • One 15-Head Embroidery Machine, Capable of Using 15 Colors of Thread
  • One 12-Head Embroidery Machines, Capable of Using 12 Colors of Thread on Any Type of Job
  • One 6-Head and Two One-Head Machines, Used for Samples and Smaller Quantity Jobs
Do You Need Help?

Creativity in design is one area we specialize in for our clients with help on these free services

  • Choosing the right products and fabric to embroidery
  • Coordinating colors and fabrics
  • Picking cost effective items to embroidery on
  • Sizing and group sizing for entire group
  • We have No Minimum Orders for embroidery.

    We offer school and non-profit discounts and accept all major credit cards

    We do embroidery on many items:
    • Polo shirts
    • Hats
    • Jackets
    • Sweatshirts
    • Bags & Luggage